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Fantastic School Office HB Pencil

We have various pencils for the uses of drawing, writing etc. Our pencils can be categorized to the different size and different shape. for instance, Round/Triangle/Square/Hexagon/Octagon for shape, 3.5 or 7 inches for sizes, This type of pencil’s main body is made from basswood or poplar wood, and on the tip of one end, can be sharpened or unsharpened, with the eraser or without. The painting can be printed as your requirement. And can be printed your customed logo.

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Fantastic School Office HB Pencil


Item No. HB-09
Length 3.5inch, 7 inch
Lead HB,B,2B,4B
Lead Size 2.75mm, 3mm, 5mm
Color Red, Blue, Yellow, White Or Customized Color
Logo screen printing, bronzing printing, stamping, etc
Shape Hexagonal, Triangle, Round, Square
Material Basswood, Poplar
Tip End-Cut, Pre-Sharpened