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5 Amazing Ways in Which Corkboard Can Be Used

Cork Bulletin Board
Written by Admin on June 16, 2018

5 Amazing Ways in Which Corkboard Can Be Used

Welcome to the amazingly fruitful power of cork. Corkboards are extremely functional and can be deployed in a variety of ways in both your home and office space.
For instance, they can serve as your desk surfaces or in your boardrooms or hallways etc. You can also use them for keeping your stuff organized by pinning up your to-do lists, shopping lists, grocery lists etc. You can also jot down numbers to be dialed in cases of emergency or any appointments that you have to meet etc. Bluntly put, cork boards can perform a myriad of functions if only you know how to utilize them wisely and efficiently.

The catch here is that cork boards do not necessarily have to serve as a memo-reminder. They can do much more and this is where we step in. Hereby, we will have to illustrate 5 amazing and unique ways in which cork boards can be used.

  1. Cork board trays

Cork is an organic material having a very pliable nature that is sometimes conjugated with a bohemian feel. You can use them as trays to display your vases and other ornaments since they act as wonderful trays blending into the designs of your table. Also, cork has the capacity to soak up water so they are the ideal substrate to serve as your hot dinner plates on coasters.

  1. Cork Jewelry boards

Cork Jewelry boards are very easy to make and look very attractive and unique. Just get hold of a cork board and instead of using it as a notice board or a graphics board, use it as a vanity board and hang it up in your bedroom next to your closet. Now, you can use it as a display board which is serving an organization purpose for all your jewelry as well. Though, you will have to get hold of some funky and attractive push pins to mount your jewelry onto the board.

  1. Exquisite Cork Memo Board

Cord boards are excellent memo boards but let us make them more personal and customized instead of a dreary old board stuffed up with all sorts of boring old lists. Add a splash of color and a personal touch and watch how these plain old cork boards would be transformed into vividly colorful and attractive memo boards.

Restyle your cork board in different exquisite shapes and patterns, paint it up in different colors and use interesting papers and push pins.

  1. Cork Headboard

Cork headboards are fun, especially in kids’ bedrooms; or if you have an artistic streak in you, they might work just as well with you too. You can put up your favorite photos or some artwork or any interesting thing that you can think of.

  1. Corkboard door

Last but not the least, cork boards can also serve as organic and vintage cabinet doors. They add wonderful texture to your kitchen yet the best part is that they are incredibly easy to make. Moreover, you can still use them as a display or memo board too. So they serve dual purposes.

Cork boards are one of our very favorite craft pieces owing to their soft textured surface, multi-dimensional nature and the exquisite ways in which they can be used. Use them as your informational boards, graphics boards, notice boards and what not.  Cork boards are open for experimentation.

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